Salt Spreader for Trucks

Dura-Trax Salt Spreaders for Trucks

Salt SpreadersThe unique physical properties of our cast urethane materials are being utilized by C.U.E. to produce a superior line of salt and sand spreaders and spinner products for snow and ice control equipment.

When first introduced over two decades ago, our original urethane spreaders for trucks started a revolution in winter road maintenance. Proven in the harshest of winter conditions, C.U.E. Sand & Salt Spreaders, Spinner Mounting Hubs, and Poly Snow Plow Blades help to keep vital snow and ice control equipment out of the maintenance shop and on the road doing their job. What makes our urethane winter road maintenance products special?


  • Urethane Spinners and Mounting Hubs that resist both rust and corrosion damage

  • Spreader HubsSpinner bases and vanes are flexible with elastometric memory.

  • Salt spreader spinner vanes are able to flex and eject frozen clumps of material, then return to their original shape without damage.

  • Spinners, Hubs and Snow Plow Blades are abrasion and wear-resistant for longer operational life.

  • Low trajectory, directional vane design provides more efficient spread pattern.

  • Wide range of spinner sizes and designs, including 9",13",18",20" and 24"

  • Spinners and Hubs have inherent surface-release properties that retard material caking or build-up on spinner vanes to maintain spreading efficiency

  • Spinner mounting arrangements to fit virtually all makes and models of sand and salt spreaders.

  • Universal molded-in hub and "blank" (field drilled) designs available.



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