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Urethane Materials & Technical Information

From its three U.S. manufacturing plants, C.U.E. is able to provide customers with virtually any cast urethane chemistry. (C.U.E. Compounds / Formulations)  Whether it’s a cast urethane sheet or the mass production of custom molded urethane parts, C.U.E. can meet your requirements.  The three C.U.E. manufacturing plants combined offer the most complete capabilities and polyurethane chemistry variations available anywhere.

Depending on the intended application and service environment, C.U.E. is capable of offering industry proven solid cast polyurethane compounds based on either Aliphatic or Aromatic (MDI, TDI, or PPDI) isocyanate chemistry; with either Polyester, Polyether, or Polycaprolactone Polyols. (Glossary).

C.U.E. works closely with the leading raw chemical suppliers, purchasing most chemical components in bulk lots for economies-of-scale and excellent quality assurance. At our main facility, over 3 million pounds of urethane are processed yearly.  Our primary raw materials are delivered via tanker truck from suppliers in 44,000 pound shipments.  Our bulk storage capability minimizes lot-to-lot variations in these raw materials, ensuring the quality and consistency that customers demand in their cast urethane parts.

As an integral part of the material storage/delivery process, we utilize a proprietary temperature controlled overhead pipeline system to deliver raw material from our bulk storage tanks to our computer-controlled casting machines.

Our compounds range in hardness from 30 Shore “A” to 80 Shore “D” durometer.  Custom compounding is also available to meet the exact durometer and performance requirements for your wear resistant part. C.U.E. also specializes in manufacturing dual durometer parts which typically consist of a main body and an abrasion resistant wear surface.  C.U.E. is an industry leader in bonding urethanes to metal, producing hundreds of such parts daily.  An entire department is dedicated to metal preparation processes to assure a permanent urethane-to-metal bond.

MSDS Information

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