Anvil Cover Products

C.U.E. Company Information

C.U.E., Inc. is a privately-held urethane molding company.  With a total of over 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space and headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, C.U.E. also has manufacturing facilities in Mount Hope, WV and Dallas, TX.  All three locations focus exclusively on cast urethane molding and employ more than 100 urethane molding experts.  C.U.E. is an ISO 9001 certified company and adopts a continuous improvement philosophy in its operations.  C.U.E. of WV is also ISO14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified.

C.U.E. traces its roots back to 1957 when polyurethane was first being molded in the United States (see history page).  Today, it processes over 3 million pounds of urethane annually, has products stocked on 6 continents, and ships to 60 different countries worldwide. 

C.U.E., Inc. is a world leading polyurethane molding company with several of its product lines including the Timesaver™ and EZ Lock™Anvil Cover lines for the Corrugated Packaging industry, the Hardliner™Product line of abrasion-resistant products for the mining and aggregate industries, the Dura-Trax™ line of products for the highway maintenance industry, as well as Standard Urethane Shapes for the plastics distribution / fabrication industry.

C.U.E., Inc. also specializes in custom urethane molding.  As a contract molder, virtually all polyurethane chemistries are available (see materials and technical data page), most with proprietary formulations for the ultimate physical properties.  A team of mechanical, chemical, and industrial engineers assists with product design (mechanical and chemical), mold design, and efficient production to take you from idea to market.

C.U.E. casts its polyurethane products on state-of-the-art casting equipment for unmatched quality and consistency.  Bulk raw material purchases and stream-lined productions cells allow for economies-of-scale in producing top-quality products at competitive prices.

C.U.E. Mission Statement

The Mission of C.U.E., Inc. is to manufacture the highest-quality molded urethane products, provide excellent technical service and support, with a dedication to the complete satisfaction of its customers.

This will be accomplished through a continuous improvement process, investments in state-of-the-art processing and testing equipment, empowerment of employees through education, training, and experience, with a corporate culture that fosters mutual respect, safety, and community responsibility.