Hardliner Urethane Impact Bars

Hardliner® Polyurethane Impact Bars

Polyurethane SheetsHardliner Urethane Impact Bars feature a solid design that prevents belt damage and, together with our highest quality urethane material, provides exceptional impact and wear resistance. This allows Hardliner Impact Bars to offer superior belt support, significantly longer life, and lower impact bed maintenance requirements, when compared to UHMW-capped rubber impact bars.

Solid urethane construction absorbs and cushions the impact load, while providing a contact surface that allows the belt to slide freely, resulting in less
wear and tear on your conveyor belt. You will benefit from lower belt and bed maintenance costs.

Hardliner Impact Bars have been engineered to fit most existing impact bed systems. In addition, C.U.E. has the ability to custom mold an impact bar to meet your exact needs.

They are available in an all-urethane bar design, for impact systems having metal lineal support; and an Aluminum 'T'-channel reinforced bar design for systems having a spaced structure. Hardliner Impact Bars are produced in standard lengths from 18" up to 60", in either the 'all-urethane' or aluminum 'T'-channel designs. Whatever your requirements, C.U.E. has you covered.


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