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C.U.E., Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of urethane anvil cover products for the Corrugated Paper Industry. Our urethane materials and proprietary urethane processing create products specifically designed for the applications of the Corrugated Industry.Our wide range of products include anvil covers (a.k.a. blankets, mats, jackets) for rotary die cutting, anvil covers for glue lap and attachment die cutting, lead edge feed wheels, and no crush wheels.

C.U.E. was the first urethane molder to manufacture a urethane anvil cover.

Anvil Cover Products
For the Corrugated Industry


The Timesaver anvil cover lives up to its name, cutting rotation times from 30 minutes to three. Because it's the only anvil cover that's twice as wide as the industry average, it can be rotated faster and lasts longer. The Timesaver also features a unique construction of solid steel backing followed by a proprietary process that welds the steel lock bar and steel angle for a precise fit every time – a vital dependability difference that means seamless installation and a perfect cutting surface. Timesaver anvil covers are engineered to maximize the performance of your rotary die cutter. 

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EZ Lock TM Anvil Covers

Anvil Cover Timesaver


The EZ Lock Anvil cover is easy to install and rotate. The EZ Lock uses magnets to firmly hold the first end of the cover in the keyway while the lcoking end of the cover is tapped into place.

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Additional Anvil Cover & Rotary Die Cutting Products
C.U.E. also manufactures a complete line of rotary die cutting products for the corrugated industry

Cor-LockTM Anvil Covers Designed for Glue-Lap and attachment die-cutting machines.
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Dura-LatchTM Anvil Covers
Used with corrugated paper manufacturers glue lap and die cutting machines

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Lead Edge Feed Wheels
After-market feed wheels are molded using the highest-quality urethane materials.
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Solid Steel Lock Bar & Hold-Down Angle
This detailed view shows the keyway and how it eliminates "soft spots"

Fewer Seams
C.U.E. is the only manufacturer of Dual-Width anvil covers.  When using our exclusive Dual-Width design the seams across the cylinder are reduced.

Solid Steel Backing
Guarantees the urethane anvil cover will maintain dimensional stability throughout its life cycle. It also ensures a precise fit on the anvil.

Chemically Engineered
Timesaver TM Features Chemically Engineered Longest Lasting Urethane in its Anvil Covers.

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