Anvil Cover Products

Dura-Latch Anvil Covers

Dura-Latch is C.U.E.'s brand name for anvil covers used on machines with glue lap and attachment dies. Dura-Latch offers a wide range of advantages over traditional anvil covers.

  • Reduce Machine Downtime:  Dura-Latch anvil covers are designed with all the features you need to keep your machine running and eliminate unnecessary downtime. The one-piece construction, T-shaped lock design, plus the highest quality urethane all mean more uptime for you.

  • Maximize Anvil Cover Life: Dura-Latch covers are made of the highest quality and most durable urethane available. Unmatched durability, combined with one-piece construction and "T"-shaped lock design, provides maximum anvil cover life.

  • Priced Competitively: Dura-Latch anvil covers are among the most widely used covers in the corrugated paper industry. C.U.E.'s high production volume allows manufacturing efficiency which translates to very competitive pricing.

  • Sizes to Fit Virtually Every Glue Lap and Attachment Die available: Dura-Latch anvil covers are currently available in over 300 sizes to fit essentially every glue lap and attachment-die in the corrugated industry.

  • One-Piece Design: Our one-piece design fits the anvil cylinder more securely than two-piece covers, and allows the cover to free-wheel longer. The single latch promotes quicker set-up time, and one locking seam means cleaner die cutting performance.

  • Exclusive T-Shaped Lock: This design allows faster installation and removal. It will not distort from use like other designs, making reinstallation easier. During lock-up, it engages within the rails, so the lock cannot be cut off during use.

  • Available From Stock: C.U.E. maintains a stock of thousands of urethane anvil covers at all times, so that the cover you need is available for immediate shipment. 



For more information about C.U.E.'s Dura-Latch Anvil Covers call 800-283-4621 or click here to contact us.