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About C.U.E. Anvil Covers

The installation and rotation of a Timesaver anvil cover is a relatively easy and quick process. Care and compliance to the instructions are necessary to ensure your safety and to ensure the proper performance of the anvil cover. This document is available as a PDF download, check the links at the left hand side of the screen. If you have additional questions about the installation or rotation process please contact your distributor or click here to contact C.U.E.

Tools required for installation and Rotation

  • Anvil Cover Installation- 3 Pound Dead-Blow Urethane Hammer 
    - C.U.E. Part No. Q1001
  • - T-Handle Allen Wrench 
    - Size depends on bolt
  • - C.U.E. Pry Bar Tool 
    - C.U.E. Part No. Q1000

WarningIMPORTANT ! TIMESAVER rotary die blankets are made to precise dimensions for a tight fit. Please remove any debris from the cylinder and keyway before beginning installation. Also make sure both the keyway and cylinder are free of burrs. Burrs, especially in the keyway can cause difficulty installing the TIMESAVER. Burrs can quickly be removed with a file.




Install anivil cover 1

Always begin installation of the first TIMESAVER blankets at the center of the anvil cylinder.anvil cover sequences

Install 3


Step 1: 
Insert the steel angle end of the anvil cover into keyway.,

Install 4


Center the slot in the steel angle end over the tapped hole in keyway.

Installation 5


Hand-tighten with an Allen T-wrench. 
Be sure not to over tighten.

Install 6


Step 2:  
Wrap the lock bar end of the anvil cover around the cylinder.

Install 7


Step 3:
Do not attempt to strike the anvil cover into the keyway with the hammer this way.  The lock bar must be touching the keyway before the first hammer strike is delivered.

Install 8


Important:  Press lock bar end into keyway before striking it with dead-blow hammer.

Installation 9


The first hammer blow should be delivered as pictured above, roughly 3 inches from the edge and just above the seam, with force.

Install 10


The second hammer blow should be delivered as pictured above, roughly in the center just above the seam.

Installation 11


The final hammer blow should be delivered near the edge of the cover, just above the seam.


Removal Process

Removal 1

Step 1:
Begin removal of the first anvil cover located at either end of the cylinder, working across cylinder to the opposite end.Important:  Insert the pry bar tool under the lock bar in the cylinder keyway area only as pictured above.

Removal 2

Step 2:
Gently pry up on the lock bar to release the anvil cover from the keyway.

Removal 3

Step 3:
Unbolt the TIMESAVER from the cylinder keyway using an Allen T-wrench to remove the bolts.



For more information about C.U.E.'s Anvil cover products call 800-283-4621 or click here to contact us.